Friday, September 30, 2011

Law and Order

 Detectives James Arendall & Mike Roland have worked the Tennessee State Fair for twenty-four and fifteen years respectively. They have many good stories to tell.

Yesterday, I wrote for three hours in this very space. It was the best blog post I've written in years. Years. Blogger didn't think so. It didn't bother to auto save the thing a single time in three hours. Then I (idiot) closed my browser window by accident and the whole thing disappeared into thin air. Right after that there was a hailstorm of curse words and rage, driving the original words to the far recesses of my mind. Usually I read the thing so many times I can rewrite it very close to the original but not this time. I don't have a key to the creative door, it just flies open on its own occasionally. I tried to begin again but it'll never be the story it was so we move on.

Meanwhile, check it out: Who came up with 'Close, but no cigar'?

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