Monday, September 19, 2011

Becky and Quincy

We managed to track down Water Gun Becky via Stephen (from the last post) and a couple of other midway regulars that also happen to be cops. More on them later.
"Surely you saw that girl we know with the vampire bite tattooed on her neck" said one of our favorite off-duty detectives, "She's been out here for years."
I couldn't believe there could be such a tattoo I hadn't noticed but sure enough there she was. And no, I did not take a picture of it (another time). Her face of course was familiar but she claimed to have kept "pretty low profile" through the years although inside sources found that statement debatable.

Quincy was spot help at the Tennessee State Fair for years. He and I were neighbors on the midway in 2007. I slept in a truck that year behind the Skywheel and his was just across the grass near the Sizzler. It's an odd feeling to be stepping out of a semi in the morning to start your day and realize how many other people are doing the same exact thing. Show people, ride jocks in particular (and truck drivers naturally) never give it a second thought but for me and Quincy it was totally out of the ordinary.

An unfortunate result of booking a new carnival for the last three years has meant that all of the people from the neighborhood and the surrounding area who used to work at the fair are no longer needed. Quincy stopped by this year to look around for work as he had in years past but up to the point when I took his picture hadn't had any luck. He did get one offer to help with the Euroslide he said but he had to turn them down due to his recent not-so-successful back surgery.

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